Wednesday, November 14, 2012

7 Tips To Make Office Casual A Little More Chic

Just because your office has a casual dress code, doesn't mean you should wear your hoodie everyday… or maybe ever.  When I stopped wearing a suit to work, I loved the opportunity to be comfortable, but didn’t want to give up looking sophisticated and capable.

Here are 7 ways to mix comfy casual with office chic: 

1. Opt for a Dress with Pockets
A dress always makes me feel more put together, but pockets give me something to do with my hands when I’m delivering a presentation. 
Claire Faux Wrap Dress

2. Fabrics Make the Difference
If your office is more business than casual, wear soft silks that look sophisticated.  If you’re co-workers look like they’re still dressing for college, shop for knit pieces, but opt for ones with stylish cuts.
3. Cover that Cleavage!
I hate to break it to you, but no one wants to see your cleavage – well, not at the office at least.  Faux wrap dresses look trendy, but do a great job of covering up the goods.
Karen Faux Wrap Dress
4. Soft and Comfy
Sometimes it feels like I live at the office.  While I can’t show up in my PJs, wearing the most comfortable work clothes imaginable is the next best thing.

I am a sucker for incredibly soft leggings, and thin, but warm layering pieces that can stand up to my never-warm-enough office.
5. Versatility Is Your Friend
My co workers see me every single day.  I like to mix up my look by investing in lots of quality basics.  I mix and match with different accessories so my co-workers think they’re seeing me in new styles every day.

6. Wear Tops that Pull Double Duty
I rarely buy tops that I consider “work-only.”   All of my work tops can be styled with jeans just as easily as skirts.  Silk blouses do this perfectly.  They look sophisticated in the office but trendy with denim.  
7.  Personalize with Accessories
Accessories are the perfect way to show off your personality!  I look for pieces that are conversation starters and get me lots of compliments.  When co workers tell me how much they like my We Wood watch I tell them that a tree is planted for every watch sold. 
We Wood Watches

You should never have to sacrifice comfort for style.  How do you boost the style factor of your casual work wear? Tell me in the comments below! 


  1. I like to get a little creative in the shoe dept, that way I'm all business at my most visible from the waist up. Once they day is over, all I have to do is remove the top layer (cardi usually) and my shoes are ready for the next thing after work.

    Ripped Nylon

  2. I totally agree Ms Duran! I use shoes and accessories to spice things up. I feel like you can get a little more bold with those items without making your boss think you're over the top.